Ying Li is principally engaged in the development, sale, rental, management and long-term ownership of high quality commercial and residential properties. The strong brand name of Ying Li is attributed to its reputation for outstanding architectural designs, premium quality, prime locations and eco-friendly features, all of which lead to a rich and unique experience for the owners and tenants. Although Chongqing remains a key market for Ying Li, the Group's strategy is to extend its footprint to other regions of China.

Ying Li's commitment to business excellence and delivering quality projects has won widespread recognition, both from the government and the real estate industry in China. Since listing, Ying Li has received the following awards and recognition:

  • "China's Most Outstanding Commercial Real Estate Business Award" at the 2015 China Real Estate Top 100 Research Press Conference cum 12th Annual Top 100 China Real Estate Companies Summit
  • "Chongqing's Top 50 Real Estate Enterprise Award" from the Chongqing Municipality's Construction Commission, for seven consecutive sessions
  • "Chongqing Real Estate Development Industry Trustworthy Brand Award" from the Chongqing Real Estate Development Association
  • "Chongqing Real Estate Development Industry Trustworthy Brand Award (AAA-highest category)" by Chongqing Real Estate Development Association
  • "2012-2013 China Luban Prize" for Ying Li International Financial Centre, awarded by The Ministry Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China and China Construction Industry Association