The Group is committed to a high standard of ethical conduct and adopts a zero tolerance approach to fraud. The Company has put in place a whistle-blowing policy and procedures duly endorsed by the Audit Committee (“AC”), where employees of the Group and another person may, in confidence, raise concerns about possible corporate improprieties in matters of financial reporting or other matters such as suspected fraud, corruption, dishonest practices etc. All reports, including anonymous reports, reports that are lacking in details and verbal reports, will all be investigated into. All complaints will be treated as confidential and will be brought to the attention of the AC.

Assessment, investigation and evaluation of complaints are conducted by or, at the direction of the AC if it deems appropriate, independent advisors engaged at the Group’s expense. Following investigation and evaluation of a complaint, the AC will then decides on recommended disciplinary or remedial action, if any. Appropriate actions that are determined by the AC shall then be brought to the Board or to the appropriate senior executive of the Group for authorization or implementation respectively.

In the event that the report is about a Director, that Director will not be involved in the review and any decision making with respect to that report. The policy aims to encourage reporting of such matters in good faith, with the confidence that any employees and any other persons making such reports will be treated fairly and be protected from reprisals. Details of the whistle-blowing policy have been made available to all employees.Established in 1993, Ying Li has a strong reputation for innovative design, eco-friendliness and urban renewal, having transformed areas of an old city into high-value urban integrated commercial developments of office space and shopping malls.