Appeal UP! Ying Li · IMIX Park (Jiefangbei CBD) Upgrades with NIKE 1200's Grand Opening

With the modernization and urban renewal, Chongqing is embracing a constant flow of visitors with its trendy image and identity as an emerging international metropolis. The Jiefangbei CBD, located in the heart of the city, is home to a collection of landmark buildings. Among them, Ying Li · IMIX Park (Jiefangbei CBD), as a prominent commercial complex, has remained attractive to numerous brands and is highly regarded. Under the wave of urban renewal, it has undergone a refreshing upgrade.

PART 1: Project Upgrade - NIKE 1200 Opens with a Strong Presence, and Premium Brands Compete for Entry

As part of the commercial complex's renovation plan, Ying Li · IMIX Park (Jiefangbei CBD) has targeted the young consumer market and introduced trendy business models and brands to provide quality services according to the popular consumption trends and preferences of the consumer group.

NIKE 1200 has contracted to settle in Ying Li · IMIX Park (Jiefangbei CBD) and has now officially opened for trial operation. The store is located at the golden entrance of Gate 1, covering three floors from LG to L2, with a planned area of over 1,600 square meters to display its full range of NIKE products; fashionable brands such as Cha Yan Yue Se and Starbucks have also followed suit, spearheading a fresh social experience for business travelers with the new form of trendy business.

PART 2: Appeal UP - Facade Renovation Brings Better Services

To optimize the consumer experience based on the aesthetic preferences of the young consumer market, Ying Li · IMIX Park (Jiefangbei CBD) underwent a comprehensive facade and public area renovation from January 2 to May 10, 2023. This included the NIKE lease area on the LG, L1, and L2 of the mall, covering an area of approximately 2,000 square meters, offering better experience in shopping.

The exterior of the building features a glass curtain wall and curved designs to increase the overall sense of fashion. Within the leased areas, all except building structures were demolished and reinstalled, including storefronts, electrical and monitoring systems, air conditioning systems, fire safety systems, etc.; in addition to the essential hardware improvements, Ying Li · IMIX Park (Jiefangbei CBD) sensed the popularity of live streaming and incorporated brand live-streaming rooms, combining online and offline efforts to activate the commercial economy.

PART 3: Business Renewal - Diversified Formats Are Upgraded to Inspire New Trendy Experiences

Traditional commercial spaces functioned primarily as shopping platforms, but against new consumption trends, diverse experiential consumption has become mainstream. With great insights, Ying Li · IMIX Park (Jiefangbei CBD) has further enriched its business formats to meet the consumer demands in multiple scenarios, leading the way for emerging lifestyles. Prior to the upgrade, Ying Li · IMIX Park (Jiefangbei CBD) relied on fast-moving consumer goods to drive consumption, enriched lives with Wanda Cinema and NCDS, drew the distance with consumers closer with business dining brands like Causeway Bay and Guowanpiaopen, improved suboptimal health conditions with Changle and SIYANLI, and enlivened the nightlife economy with KK PARTY.

To further enhance immersive consumer experiences, it signed an agreement with Winner Billiards, expanding the variety of businesses while also stimulating nighttime economy. The introduction of Cha Yan Yue Se and Starbucks sets new trends in fashionable consumption, creating a new social hub that integrates "shopping, dining, socializing, entertainment, and business travel" all in one place.

Over the span of 12 years, Ying Li · IMIX Park (Jiefangbei CBD) has consistently upgraded and refreshed itself, continuously improving the consumption structure and enhancing the consumer experience. In the future, it will strive to become a trendsetting hub for new social interactions in the realm of business travel. Come to Chongqing, and find your passion for life in Jiefangbei.