"Party-led collaborative efforts and joining hands to assist rural vitalization" —— The Party branch of Ying Li Qipaifang and Hutou Village collaborates to jointly forge a new chapter in rural revitalization

"Party-led collaborative efforts and joining hands to assist rural vitalization". To implement Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and promote new breakthroughs and improvements in Party building between Ying Li (Chongqing Yingli Qipaifang Real Estate Company Limited) and Hutou Village (Hutou Village, Beibei District, Chongqing Municipality), both parties aim to achieve mutual progress in Party building and business development through resource sharing and leveraging complementary strengths. This collaboration is intended to further enhance the cohesion, combat readiness, and creativity of the Party organization. On December 27, 2023, the signing ceremony for their joint construction agreement between the Party branch of Chongqing Yingli Qipaifang Real Estate Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Qipaifang branch") and the Party General Branch of Hutou Village, Beibei District, Chongqing Municipality (hereinafter referred to as "Hutou Village branch") was held at the square of Hutou Village's New Era Civilization Practice Station. The secretaries of both party branches signed the Co-construction Agreement, and village leaders, branch members, and others witnessed the signing ceremony and participated in the activities.

Collaborative cooperation promotes mutual development

During the event, the Qipaifang branch and the Hutou Village branch signed a cooperative agreement. Leaders from both parties delivered enthusiastic speeches. Both sides aim to deepen their collaboration in Party building and business aspects through resource sharing and complementary advantages. This partnership intends to further enrich the concept of village-enterprise cooperation. By establishing long-term and normalized cooperation, they aspire to explore and create a sustainable and empowering new model for rural vitalization, and thus to achieve remarkable outcomes in the co-construction process.

Book donation spreads the essence of knowledge.

Deepen friendship through collaborative construction, nurturing ideas through donating books. To thoroughly implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party, and in a desire to diversify the cultural life of Hutou Village's residents, Qipaifang branch is dedicated to fostering a positive reading environment by constructing a "Scholarly Community". It has donated a total of 246 books to the Hutou Village branch, covering categories such as Party-building textbooks, agricultural science, classic literature, popular science knowledge, and healthcare. This contribution significantly enriches the villagers' library resources. The aim is to cultivate a strong learning atmosphere in Hutou Village, where residents are encouraged to enjoy reading, read quality books, and benefit from the knowledge gained. Through this effort, it is hoped to strengthen the exchange of ideas with villagers by mutual learning and promotion, joint construction and advancement.

New Chongqing Photography Exhibition Pays Tribute to the New Era

To comprehensively implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and fully showcase the distinct charm of a new Chongqing, The Qipaifang branch, in collaboration with the Chongqing Youth Photographers Association, has selected multiple pictures of the New Chongqing and shared them with the villagers. These photos, featured with ecological home of green mountains and lucid waters, the historical roots of red culture, and a opening and innovative mountainous city, present the villagers with an ever-changing new Chongqing and a vibrant spirit of Chongqing in its new journey without leaving their homes.

Volunteer service warms the heart on winter days

The chilling wind cannot resist the warm affection, and the freezing winter cannot withstand the heartfelt comfort and care. To carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues of respecting, loving, honoring, and assisting the elderly, and to advocate the spirit of volunteer service in the new era, members of the Qipaifang branch, together with the Hutou Village branch, diligently carried out volunteer activities in that afternoon. With concerted efforts, they cleaned the road, repaired facilities, and assisted with farm work for the elderly villagers in Hutou Village.

On that day, the volunteers also visited and comforted three elderly villagers in need in the Hutou Village community. They brought them carefully prepared "warmth packages" and engaged in friendly conversations, inquiring in detail about their health and living conditions. They advised the elderly on precautions to take in their daily life and diet during the winter, and urged them to take good care of their health.

Giving roses as a gift, leaving a lingering fragrance in one's hand. During this activity, the members of the Qipaifang branch, including Party members and aspiring Party members, has experienced a spiritual purification and elevation in practice.

The collaborative efforts for Party-building activity has strengthened the communication between the two Parties, and thus achieved a positive outcome in terms of unity and mutual promotion. Going forward, both parties will further strengthen exchanges and mutual learning by locating the point of entry for "leaning on party building to promote rural vitalization". Both parties will make best of their respective resource advantages, and establish a shared list of resources, projects, and needs. This collaboration will encompass comprehensive and deep cooperation in various areas, including business exchanges, technical guidance, rural planning, Partybuilding activities, consumer support, environmental improvement, and cultural construction. Both parties are committed to actively exploring new ideas, new content, and new methods, thus striving to carve a new path for increasing villagers' income and their gains collectively, as well as improving enterprise efficiency. Eventually, more remarkable achievements will be yielded through concerted construction.