Opening of Shared Space丨Ying Li International Heralds a New Trend in Business Offices to Facilitate Diverse Business Formats

In recent years, the office building market in Chongqing has undergone rapid expansion. However, the slowing demand and increasing supply have led to an oversupply in this market, alongside higher average vacancy rates and lower occupancy rates. In particular, against the backdrop of an economic downturn, many companies are opting to downsize or favor more flexible business office solutions.

Shared office space, owing to its comprehensive business support services, can be adjusted freely according to the changing needs of companies, and can offer more choices and convenience during various stages of a company's lifecycle, along with additional empowering services, thereby gradually emerging as a new trend in the field of business offices.

In order to elevate the quality and business amenities of Yingli International Financial Centre (IFC), Ying Li International launched a discussion with partners to share their insights on the development trend of the office building sector. On the afternoon of May 30, coinciding with the opening of the shared space at the IFC, the "IFC Shared Space Inauguration & Partner Exchange Meeting", themed on "Unity and Cooperation for Mutual Benefits", hosted by Ying Li International, was held at the shared space on the 31st floor of IFC.

The event brought together industry elites from the Chongqing office building sector, who witnessed the unveiling of the shared space, and explored and shared insights on the trends in the shared office market and the future development of the industry. Awards were presented to the outstanding partners for the year 2023 at the event.

Currently, IFC encompasses various business formats, including a shopping center, a Class 5A office building, a shared office space, and an upcoming boutique hotel. The establishment of the shared space not only enhances the commercial ecosystem of IFC but also represents a crucial step towards a diverse business hub.

In discussing industry development trends and prospects, Mr. Liu Yang, General Manager of the Chongqing Branch of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), highlighted that through offering personalized and flexible office spaces based on product innovation and quality enhancement, the goal should be providing clients with a diverse range of products and services that meet their specific needs. The focus is to improve the project quality, in order to attract and retain more clients, and thus to improve the occupancy rates.

As a Class 5A office building operated by a state-owned enterprise, IFC will endeavor to enhance project quality and services with its diversified product portfolio, meticulous operational management, and exceptional management team, in a bid to create a remarkable business card for the settled enterprises and bolster their business development.