Yin Yanwu Visits Ying Li International for Inspection and Guidance on Safety Production

On March 4, 2024, Mr. Yin Yanwu, Executive Director and Vice President of Everbright Limited, visited Ying Li International to conduct inspections, listen to relevant work reports, and provide guidance on safety production endeavors. This also involved the safety inspection of two pivotal projects: Yingli International Financial Centre (IFC) and Ying Li IMIX PARK.

The delegation led by Yin first visited Ying Li IMIX PARK, where they inspected the main firefighting facilities such as strong electric wells and fan rooms in the mall, reviewed the use of gas by food and beverage merchants, and examined the operation and management of the fire control room. Subsequently, the delegation proceeded to IFC, where Yin inspected facilities on the 42nd floor (refuge floor), such as the fire pump room, distribution room, and elevator machine room, assessing their operation and management. He also conducted spot checks on safety management on the 48th floor (standard floor) of IFC. During the inspections, the Vice President inquired in detail about the daily management of safety production in the company. He affirmed the current safety production endeavors of the company and pointed out the need for the team to comprehensively implement the company's entity responsibility for safety production, continuously strengthen the investigation and rectification of safety hazards, effectively carry out various safety emergency plans and drills, and conscientiously organize safety production to ensure the implementation of various safety production measures.

Mr. Ye Shengli, Head of Risk Management and Legal Compliance Department of Everbright Limited, and the leadership of Ying Li International, along with relevant department heads, accompanied and participated in the on-site inspections.