Empowering Each Other · Creating the Future Together Ying Li International collaborates with Wuxi County.Hutou Village of Beibei District to deeply advance rural revitalization

Building on the foundation of previous friendly cooperation and exchanges, a delegation led by Mr. Shen Shen, the Director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Wuxi County, visited Ying Li International for an on-site inspection. Mr. Ren Chao, President of Ying Li International, and Vice President Zhang Hanqiu attended the research symposium. The delegation led by Mr. Wang Jiuyuan, the Secretary of the General Party Branch of Hutou Village, Beibei District, which is paired with the Ying Li Qipaifang Party Branch, was invited to participate in this research symposium. All parties intend to join hands to further promote rural revitalization efforts.

In 2023, Ying Li International, as a financial state-owned enterprise directly managed by the central government, took on its political and public responsibilities and missions, and actively responded to the national call for social forces to aid in rural revitalization. With the recommendation of the People's Government and the Political Consultative Conference of Yuzhong District, Ying Li established a paired assistance relationship with Wuxi County. In December 2023 and April 2024, Ying Li conducted two field inspections in Wuxi County. During these visits, preliminary consensus was reached on advancing assistance and cooperation in areas such as industrial development, brand building, project management, product promotion, cultural and tourism development, and educational collaboration in Wuxi County.

On 24 May, 2024, Mr. Shen Shen, Director of the Wuxi County People's Congress, led a delegation including relevant officials from the Commission of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Commission of Commerce, Commission of Culture Tourism in Wuxi County, and Wuxi Shengjing Eagle Tea Co., Ltd. to inspect Ying Li International. The delegation visited Yingli International Financial Centre (IFC), Ying Li IMIX Park Jiefangbei, Ying Li IMIX Park Daping, and IMIX Park Guanyinqiao. They conducted field inspections on initiatives such as setting up eagle tea assistance experience spaces, and organizing marketing and promotional activities, as well as special exhibition and sales events for promoting cultural and tourism products and agricultural specialty products from Wuxi County at Ying Li International's self-sustain commercial properties and IMIX Park. They also conducted on-site deployment of the implementation plan to fully integrate rural revitalization assistance content from Wuxi County into the annual public welfare activities plan of IMIX Park. Both parties held a discussion to further deepen the cooperation and assistance mechanisms. They engaged in practical exchanges to refine and implement assistance plans, clarifying needs, detailing measures, and assigning responsibilities in areas such as cultural and tourism promotion, industrial development, educational collaboration, and joint party branch building. They established a point-to-point communication mechanism and agreed on goals with specific timelines for progress.

Wang Jiuyuan, the Secretary of the General Party Branch of Hutou Village, Xiema Sub-district, Beibei District, Chongqing, which is paired with the Ying Li Qipaifang Party Branch, and Wang Jicai, the First Secretary, participated in the inspection and discussion. They reviewed and looked forward to the initial assistance and subsequent collaboration provided by Ying Li International to Hutou Village, expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the work done by Ying Li International.

This inspection and discussion once again reaffirmed the shared vision of paired cooperation and mutual development among all parties. It provided clear guidance on the direction, approach, and key focuses for subsequent efforts. This signifies that Ying Li International, together with Wuxi County and Hutou Village of Beibei District, has entered a new phase in their collaborative efforts for rural revitalization. In the future, all parties will leverage their unique resources, focus on market demands, and develop advantageous industries. Throughout this process, they will empower each other and achieve integrated development. Ying Li International will work together with all parties to effectively integrate rural revitalization with its corporate responsibilities and core business. They will ensure that the paired assistance continues to exert enduring efforts, yielding long-term benefits. They are committed to creating a remarkable chapter in corporate support for rural revitalization.