Field Survey | Collaborating with Wuxi to Create a New Chapter for Rural Revitalization

"Rural revitalization is an essential path to national rejuvenation." Rural revitalization is not only the mission of the Chinese nation's great rejuvenation but also the path to achieving shared prosperity for all. As a company directly under the central state-owned enterprise, Ying Li International actively embraces its corporate social responsibility and, in line with the national strategic objectives and the call of the Group – China Everbright Limited, wholeheartedly engages in the endeavors of rural revitalization.

As a company that has grown and flourished in Yuzhong District, Chongqing, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of its paired assistance with Wuxi County, Ying Li International, under the leadership of Yuzhong District, signed a collaborative framework agreement with relevant departments of Wuxi County, a designated assistance area, in October 2023. With the focus put on key areas and crucial aspects such as industry support, investment attraction, talent training, and consumer assistance, the collaboration aims to leverage the company's strong industrial and financial capabilities to expand the scope of public–private partnership and create a new and sustainable model for rural revitalization.

A vision of a brighter future requires proactive steps. From December 5 to 7, 2023, Ying Li International joined forces with esteemed enterprises such as Anzheng Group, Chongshi Media Co., Ltd, and Shuangfu International Agricultural Trade City, which boast extensive resources and successful experience in rural revitalization. Together, they carried out a three-day field survey to Wuxi County. The goal was to build connections and identify areas where multi-party cooperation resonates, so that they could capitalize on respective resource advantages and concentrating efforts on key and strategic areas, and develop measures to foster industry development and facilitate production and distribution integration.

On December 5, Ying Li International and Wuxi County held an exchange meeting. During the meeting, Tang Zhaojun, Vice Chairman of the Wuxi Political Consultative Conference, shared updates on the progress of rural revitalization efforts in Wuxi County and provided insights into the region's resource advantages and present industrial development. Ying Li International and its collaborative partners engaged in a deep exchange in the region's culture and tourism, industrial development and special agricultural production areas with officials from the Commission of Commerce, Commission of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Commission of Culture Tourism, and Bureau of Rural Revitalization in Wuxi County, as well as representatives from various townships and local enterprises.

From December 5 to 7, accompanied by leaders from the Wuxi Political Consultative Conference, relevant departments and townships, Ying Li International and its collaborative units visited several places, including Fenghuang Town, Fengling Town, Pulian Town, Bailu Town, Dahe Township, Huatai Township, Ningchang Ancient Town. Together with local governments and industry practitioners, they learned about the current state and challenges of industrial development in Wuxi County. Through in-depth exchanges with local enterprises, they gained a comprehensive understanding of the obstacles and bottlenecks faced by these companies.

Through these on-site visits, the team from Yingli International gained a profound appreciation for Wuxi County's distinctive geographical resources and the current state of their development, as well as clearer insights into the urgent requirements of local specialized industries, such as Eagle Tea, citrus fruits, honey pomelo, navel oranges, winter peaches, honey vegetable oil, and cured products. Based on the existing situation and specific needs, Ying Li International proposed targeted suggestions during the visits and exchanges, including: 1) emphasizing industrial positioning, planning, and operations to enhance quality and efficiency; 2) prioritizing branding initiatives for industrial revitalization; 3) exploring multiple channels to expand market access, conducting market tests, and elevating product standards.

Next, Ying Li International will leverage its own advantages and, based on the abundant resources of Wuxi County, collaborate with Anzheng Rural Industry Development Group to jointly promote the rural industrial planning in Wuxi, share their expertise in industrial planning layout, facilitate the development of rural featured industries by expanding and strengthening the industry chain, and comprehensively develop Wuxi's distinctive rural industries. The company will also work with the Commercial and Trade Office in the Development Center in Shuangfu New Area and Shuangfu International Agricultural Trade City in Jiangjin District to support local qualified agricultural planting bases to expand sales channels and develop deep processing industries. In collaboration with Chongshi Media Co., Ltd., the company will explore the cultural essence of Wuxi and work together to tell the stories of Wuxi, build the Wuxi brand, promote Wuxi's specialty products, enhance the interaction between Wuxi products and various channels and terminals, and increase brand awareness and reputation.

A tree flourishes to prosperity, and a spring flows from a small stream.

Rural revitalization is a grand and profound task of the era. Actively engaging in the effective connection between consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation and implementing the rural revitalization strategy is not only Ying Li International's social responsibility, but also a long-term endeavor that requires persistent efforts.

In the future, Ying Li International will align its development with that of Wuxi County. Through various forms and channels such as guidance in Party building and support of industry, consumption, employment and culture, it will integrate resources and strengths from all sectors, explore and promote sustainable and effective assistance mechanisms, and continuously and precisely exert efforts. The company will employ practical actions to play a part in the rural revitalization strategy, making new and greater contributions with the "Ying Li strength".

Yingli International hereby extends sincere gratitude to the Party Committee, Government, Political Consultative Conference in Yuzhong District, and to the Party Committee, Government, Political Consultative Conference, Bureau of Rural Revitalization and various departments and townships in Wuxi County, as well as the Jiangjin Management Committee in the Science City (Development Center of Shuangfu Industrial Park ), Jinfu Company in the Chongqing Shuangfu International Agricultural Trade City, Sichuan Anzheng Rural Industrial Development Group, and the First Glance News Program of Chongshi Media for their strong support and collaboration during this trip and survey!