Ying Li IMIX Park At Chongqing People's Liberation Monument, A Subsidiary of Ying Li International, Successfully Introduces Nike 1200 Concept Flagship Store In China

Recently, Ying Li IMIX PARK at Chongqing People's Liberation Monument (hereinafter referred to as Ying Li IMIX PARK), a subsidiary of Ying Li International, has signed a cooperation contract with High Wave Chongqing Sports Goods Co., Ltd., and plans to introduce flagship store of NIKE 1200 and above.

The NIKE 1200 store at Ying Li IMIX PARK will be located at the prime entrance of Gate 1 of the mall. The planned area of shopping space on the three floors of LG-L2 will exceed 1,600 m2, and all kinds of products under NIKE will be displayed.

After the successful signing, Ying Li IMIX PARK successively introduces high-quality brands such as Starbucks and Modern China Tea Shop. In the future, Ying Li IMIX PARK will further attract customer flow, promote sales and realize project upgrading through the continuous introduction of retail and catering brands with both quality and attractiveness.

In order to cooperate with the settlement of NIKE store, Ying Li IMIX PARK started upgrading and reconstruction of the public area and the facade from October 31, 2022. The NIKE store will be renovated in February 2023, and it is planned to officially open for business by the end of May 2023. At that time, it will bring a new fashion sports experience to consumers in the Liberation Monument Business District and even Chongqing.